44 SCOTLAND STREET – I love this series!

44 Scotland Street revolves around six year-old Bertie Pollock, an intelligent and perceptive child. Bertie’s mother, Irene, a radical feminist and overbearing social climber drags poor Bertie to saxophone lessons, Italian lessons, yoga, and psychotherapy. Bertie just wants to be a Cub Scout and own a pen knife. Bertie’s beleaguered father, Stuart, a statistician for the local government, is resigned to his fate and that of his son.

Scotland Street is also home to Pat, in her second gap year, who falls for Bruce, her narcissist flatmate; anthropologist Domenica Macdonald and her artist friend Angus. The neighbors’ lives are all loosely woven into the fabric of the place and into Bertie’s life as well.

Join in the adventures, great and small, minor triumphs and major disappointments, life lived in Edinburgh’s New Town by these fascinating and quirky people. Hope along with Bertie, that his mother will back off, that his father will grow a spine. There are now 17 books in the series. I’m up to #12. I’m embarrassed to say, I once was so eager for the next story, I ordered an uncorrected proof! Shame, shame.

Trust me. You will love these books. Have I ever steered you wrong?

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