I was an awkward, introverted child, more at home with my nose in a book than anywhere else.  My small group of friends preferred books to Barbies, reading to each other in turn.  Creating our own “General Hospital” complete with little paper nurse caps, or running our own grocery store using Monopoly money and copious amounts of Scotch tape-and-paper-made products. 

When I had to resort to playing outside, building forts and floating on inner tubes on the river was just about this side of Heaven.  Again, the imagination played a significant part, as there had to be a reason for a fort, right?

The first book I remember reading is Carol Ryrie Brink’s THE PINK MOTEL.  It was an exciting tale, and as an adult, I recommend it still.  The second book I remember is THE STORY OF ROLAND by James Baldwin… “the daring feats and great exploits of Roland, worthiest of the barons of France in the time of Charlemagne.”

But enough about me!  Hole in the Wall Books came about entirely by accident – on my part, anyway.  But I know God is going to use this place for our good and His glory.  We have a well-rounded assortment of subjects, and you’ll find an extensive selection of West and Southwest fiction and nonfiction, a decent collection of classics, and just about every book ever written about the American Civil War.

We have gifts, cards, and occasionally collectibles.  There will be weekly specials as well as events celebrating great authors, so stay tuned!

“…but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short.”  – Jane Austen

Lynn Szelock, Proprietor

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