Who’s ready for Christmas? Me, me, me!

Why, you might ask? I’ll tell you. I love the weather, the lights, the movies, the food (goes without saying), but most of all the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

I think the secret to being ready is to keep it simple. Keep it real. Don’t go into debt over it. I found out long ago that my husband will still love me, even if I don’t come up with “the perfect gift”– which I often don’t! My mom used to say, “Your presence is present enough!”

So in light of that, I have some gift suggestions for you: just about anything at Hole in the Wall Books. I know, crass plug for my own store. But seriously, books, calendars, socks, cup-and-saucer sets, manzanita crosses by Mary Frost, there is something for everyone.

Suggestions for books: “The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra”. Oh, my! I bought a used copy last year in Oxford, and read it in a day. Also in stock are the next four of the Inspector Chopra series. I also highly recommend the “44 Scotland Street” series, of which I have the first five. You’ll find lots of Louis Lamour, oodles of Agatha Christie and for history buffs, my U.S. history section is outstanding.

Merry Christmas!

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